The Auditory and Vestibular Systems

This week’s lecture and readings covered the auditory and vestibular systems. The lecture focused solely on the auditory system. The Youtube video of the virtual barber shop was especially good. It visualized well how we locate the sound.This week we had a feeling that an exam in the middle of the course could have been good because we feel like there is so much new information we have learned. 

Nevertheless, all the information we have learned are related to each other. This week we noticed that the auditory and visual pathways are pretty similar. For example, both systems have early integration stages, a thalamic relay, and a projection to the sensory cortex. However, ear anatomy is more complicated and there are more stages than in the visual pathway. In addition, some of the things presented this week we had already learned in highschool. For example, we already knew a bit of the anatomy of the ear, but there were many new details in the chapter we did not know about.

The topic of the week is important because without it the brain and its functions cannot be understood as a whole. We have realized that all of the physiological activities are related to the brain and its functions. In addition, this week’s topic is really important, for example, if one would like to develop a hearing aid or a prosthesis (discussed in exercise 3). However, we would like to ask how does the hearing prosthesis work if humans can hear such a wide range of sounds?

We identified that one problem in our learning experience is that the quiz answers are not available to us. Pdf  file of the answers in the quiz would be really useful in the learning experience (even though the answers will be presented in the next week’s exercise session). Also, it would be beneficial if the right answers would be available in the quiz after you have completed it. In addition, if you cannot do the quiz on the specific time, you cannot see the questions later. Therefore the pdf file of the answers and questions would be also good.

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