As we have mention here in previous posts, we have broadened our understanding about synapses and we have acknowledged that the information we have gotten from previous weeks in this course have set a good base for learning more. This week we dove even deeper into the synapse and discussed only the neurotransmitters, the information carriers.

The lecture this week was more easy to follow than the previous ones, even though the topic was difficult due to its many details. We also found it difficult to keep up with all the names of the different neurotransmitters and other substances. This got us thinking, how has the neurotransmitters been named? Sometimes, it seems like they have really complicated names originating from Latin or Greek and not knowing the logic behind the naming makes it more difficult to grasp the many new names. We also wondered the receptors are named by their agonist and not the neurotransmitters?

Speaking of agonists, it was a topic we found a bit more difficult than the others this week. Either we missed somethings in the book or it was not there to miss. The specific role of the agonists remained a bit unclear. We also wondered about how the agonists and antagonists appear in the body. Are they formed inside the body or are they just external?

This week we also returned exercise 2. While completing this exercise we had to go through the parts of the brain many times from different perspectives.. We think it is good for learning anatomy to force many repetitions. So in that aspect we liked the exercise.

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