Synapses and the anatomy of the brain

During the lecture this week, the learned mostly about synapses. Although the concept was known from before, a lot of new details were introduced. We did not know the complexity of the synapses, for example. During the exercise session this week, the topic was the brain anatomy. This lecture was a bit hard to grasp. Since the lecture was held online on zoom, modeling and understanding the 3D structure of the brain was a bit hard. The brain can be divided into so many different parts, so a lot of work and repetition is required to learn them all.

We think that these two lectures are important since they give a good base before continuing to more complex systems of the brain. For example, when we later discuss where different reactions take place in the brain, it is good to know the anatomy of the brain. Also, the synapses are important, since they play an essential role in how information is transmitted in the brain.

The lectures during this week also gave rise to some questions. For example, we saw that some areas of the brain are responsible for some specific functions.  We are wondering if it then can be assumed that this applies for all areas in the brain. It is also said that there are a lot of things still not known about the brain, but in our opinion, the areas that we have covered, seem to be quite well known. So, about which areas do we know the least? We are also wondering which enzymes convert precursor molecules into neurotransmitter molecules in the cytosol?

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