Blog post last week

This week is the last week of the course and the week we have time to study for the test that is on Monday. The deadline for the last exercise is also this week on Sunday, and I think that the exercise questions are good for supporting my learning in chapter 13 & 14. It contains the most important parts of the motor system. I have tried to go through a couple of chapters per day this week, but it has been challenging since I have had two other exams, and this is a very big course with a lot of material. I now know that I should have worked a lot harder during this course so that in this point it would be more about repetition than learning new things. For the first part of this course this was the case, but for the last months I have been very busy, and I felt like I fell behind on the course halfway through.

I have gone through almost all the chapters now and feel like I have a good overview of the topics, but the details are something I wish I knew better. There are a lot of details in this course, and I hope to learn them all by some point, maybe if I must take the exam again in the spring. I wouldn’t mind retaking the exam because this is the basic knowledge for my whole major, but if the exam goes well maybe I know the most important things already.

I have been reading the book, taking notes, and watching YouTube videos. I think this has been the right way for me and I feel like I have learned a lot during this course and especially during this week.