Week 11

This week we have been reading and studying chapter 22 about mental illness. I have been waiting for this chapter in the book because I think mental illness is a very difficult but at the same time interesting topic. The research behind mental illness is quite new and the acceptance of for example depression is a topic that is discussed a lot. The book talks about the most common mental illnesses and all of them are familiar to me, but the treatments are not, so that has been fascinating to read about. Some of the mental illnesses that are discussed in the chapter are also familiar to me because I have people close to me that suffer with these. Some of them are on the medications mentioned in the book, so I hope that I can understand what they are going through a bit better after reading the chapter.


I have been studying the medications and the pathways of how they work. There was some treatment methods for depression that I was unaware of, for example surgery and electroconvulsive therapy, even though they are used only in extreme cases. I have also started to prepare for the exam because I have a lot on my plate next week and I know that there is a lot to learn before the exam.