Week 10

This week we have been working on the next exercise and reading about mental illness. The exercises about our senses were very interesting when we for example had to compare the human eye whit an octopus eye. For myself, the fact that the octopus eye reminds the human eye so much but still are constructed opposite the human eye in many ways fascinated me. The evolution never ceases to amaze. Furthermore, the exercise about how we are able to see three-dimensional pictures and perceive depth also made me think about how amazing the brain is when it is able to get so much information from the senses and determine distances etc. based on the combination of signals from the eyes.

Also the reading of this week interested me a lot. I find it so interesting that the science slowly but surely approaches the answers to how the mental health and our moods are connected to whats happening inside the brain and how we are getting a better understanding on what the biological causes are for different types of mental illnesses. I also strongly believe that this will lead to not just better treatment and medication for mental illness but also a better understanding and bigger acceptance in the society regarding mental illness and the treatment of it.