Week 8

This week we had another excursion with the BABA center where we got to hear about baby brain activity and how it’s measured. It thought it was very interesting to hear about the different methods that are used when measuring the activity of babies brains in different ages. I thought the most interesting part of the excursion was the MAIJU suit that measured movement and could be used to detect some early movement issues, that are caused by a disfunction in the brain. Overall, I would like to learn more about the different methods that are used and what for example problems can be detected with them. I think the BABA center is doing an incredibly important job, because helping and tracking children’s brain behavior benefits us all in the future.

This week we have been studying chapter 15 that is an overall look at the chemical brain activity in the brain. We have been learning about the hypothalamus, autonomic nervous system, and the modulatory systems in the brain. The hypothalamus and autonomic nervous system are a bit of repetition from earlier studies, but we go a lot deeper into the topics. I personally think the autonomic nervous system is very interesting and I’m very excited to learn more about it. I have been reading the book and making notes, but at the same time watching videos on YouTube because the best way of learning, in my opinion, is by watching and listening. I have also been repeating the different parts of the brain because it’s important to know them by heart so that the future studies are easier to understand.