Week 7

This week I completed the second exercise. After weeks of studying the neurons and how they work, it was really fascinating to work with the different brain parts and how they build up the brain. The brain with all its different parts and how they work together and communicate with the rest of the body has always interested me. I also realized that the brain part are quite hard to study and learn from 2D pictures and explanations in the course book. Apps where you can play with a 3D brain helped my understanding a lot and made easier to get an idea of which parts of the brain that are neighbors and so on. Another realization was that although many good words for explaining the position of a specific brain part relative to others, it can be quite tricky to write down a good explanation of the position of a brain part on paper without a 3D or even 2D picture of the brain. Still, I think its good for the learning to be forced to study in other ways than just reading a book of text and instead make use of 2D and 3D pictures to understand, because then you activate different senses which often makes the learning better.