Week 6

This week in our course we participated in the anatomy workshop held on Tuesday. This workshop delved deeper into the actual structures of the brain and how we categorize them from the following planes: transverse, sagittal and coronal. I encountered a whole host of new words derived from Latin, which described a lot of new parts of the brain that I had not previously heard of. We were also introduced to what functions these new parts served. These new concepts were very interesting and fascinating to think about, especially realizing that certain brain functions can be pinpointed to specific regions and areas in the brain. Along with this we had a chance to construct our very own brain models from putty!

The course so far has been one of my favorites this semester to be sure. My knowledge of how the brain is structured and how it functions has increased substantially. Along with this I gained some information about the Aalto Neuroimaging lab, as in what kinds of research they conduct, as well as what kind of equipment is used for these studies. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with this course and I’m very excited to see what I will learn as the course progresses to the second period.