Blog post about fifth week

This week’s lecture was about taste, smell, and our vision. I think the chapters about our senses and how they work are very interesting, and the first big new topic that hasn’t been repetition of what I have learned in high school (because we only covered the basics there). I have also started to read chapter 7 about the structure of out brain even though exercise 2 has been postponed, but I think it’s important to know the terminology and structure of our brain before starting to learn about other topics. The apps that are recommended in MyCourses have been a big help for this and I finally feel like I have enough knowledge about the structure of the brain.

Special for this week was the Aalto Neuroimaging Infrastructure, ANI, excursion that was arranged via zoom. The excursion started with an introduction of the projects that they are working on and the equipment that they use. This part was fun to see, but the interesting part was when they started to show different monitoring and stimulus systems, for example the virtual reality glasses. The system that calibrated your eye, so that it followed your gaze, was very fascinating, especially when knowing that this can be used for disabled persons that sit in a wheelchair. My favorite part of the excursion was the lie detector. It was fun trying to guess the number based on the curve that was seen on the monitor and notice how the person working the lie detector got better at lying for every round.