Thoughts from fourth week

This week started out with a lecture on the synaptic transmission and all different types of neurotransmitters that can be used in synaptic transmisson. Although the synaptic transmission was familiar from before, the neurotransmitter part and all the different options were new information to me. I had no idea that there are so many classes of neurotransmitter, that they function in different ways, eg. G-protein-coupled receptor with second messengers and direct pathways. The neurons are so complex and cool.

The self studying this week has been about the chemical senses, the eye and how the vision works in our brain. It is very fascinating to learn now how the senses really work in a neuronal level and be able to understand how they are connected to the brain and how the signals from the senses are delivered to the different parts of the brain. Although the senses themself are very familiar from before this course, I find it so cool to finally be able to see the whole picture and understand how they are connected. Another thing that I found interesting this week is that we slowly approach the line where science can not yet tell us exactly how all details work. This shows that although a lot is know with the science we have today, there is still a lot to discover left and many more questions to be asked.