Week 3

The lecture started out with a brief dive into the Neuron doctrine which made me amazed how as far back as 1894 the major outline of neurons was figured out. The physiological events occurring in action potentials have become quite familiar during my studies, but the emphasis on the ion’s charge and calculation was a welcomed new point of focus. Also the existence of excitory and inhibitory signals was a new concept and added significant understanding to the complexity of neuronal networks in the brain. It was also interesting to learn more in-depth about chemical synapses and their respective transmitters in detail. Microcircuits and motifs were a completely new concept to me and i had previously known about bipolar cells and its variations. The complexity of the neuronal network deepened yet when different kinds of neurons were shown, and helped realize how some things are universal when it comes to neurons (for example action potentials), but at the same time so vastly different in structure. Also the fact that dendrites were not merely passive receivers of signals, but they can also generate action potentials. Overall the lecture was highly interesting to me, and left me wondering if new additions to the Neuron doctrine might be added in the coming years.