Second week (26.9)

This week has been quite a lot of repetition about the action potential and the different types of synapses. I have had a couple of courses about cell biology, that is why chapter 4 was quite a lot of repetition. Even though the action potential and the different ion channels were familiar, it is always good to get some repetition, especially when this is the basics to the upcoming topics. In chapter 5, even though many of the topics were familiar, there were a lot of new things, especially a lot of new details.

I liked the exercise session a lot, and the four tasks that we got will help my learning in the specific topics. The exercise is also a good variation of learning, when comparing to just reading from the book. The fact that you get to write about the topic makes me remember it a lot better, so I am excited about the exercises. Next week I will try out the different apps that were recommended in Mycourses. I hope that they will also be a new fun way of learning. I think I would get more out of the quizzes if they would be opened for a longer time and be a bit longer. But I liked that we went through the quiz in the beginning of the exercise session.

I had one question that came to my mind when I was reading about gap junctions and chemical synapses. If I understood it correctly, gap junctions between neurons are common in early brain development and chemical synapses are more common in a developed brain. But how do these gap junctions transform to chemical synapses, or does this even happen? This is one question that came to my mind and hopefully I will get an answer to this during the course.