Zhang, S. et al. (2004) A review of Internet-based product information sharing and visualization, Computers in Industry, 54, 1-15

The paper starts from the problem that in collaborative design and manufacturing different teams and functions have heterogeneous software and hardware environments, thus moving to internet based solutions could be beneficial. I discussed the promise of PLM in my previous post, in the same way this paper presented the Product data master model (PDMM) which captures all essential and interrelated information and product properties (i.e., design data, toppology models, process planning, purchasing, supply management, etc.). It is suggested that PDMM should be based on a 3D solid model because of its complete geometric information and natural vizualization. The information in the PDMM should be bi-directional: horizontal (design process) and vertical (product structure: enterprise, project, product, component, part levels).