What makes a great Helsinki souvenier?

This is the basic question that I posed this Spring, 2011, to the Aalto students taking DesignCollaboration, one of the courses in the Design and Culture Module at TaiK. I wanted a topic that was readily accessible to anyone, regardless of their background – not least because there are people in the student team from seven nationalities and eight academic backgrounds on all the Aalto campuses.

After involving others as well as students themselves in their research, reviewing the ideas within and outside the team, and swapping groups according to newly sparked interests, the students chose some ideas for further development. They will present these concepts to you at helsinkiläinen, an exhibition about souvenirs and new matkamuistot for Helsinki. We** look forward to your responses and feedback. So, what do you think would be a genuine Helsinki souvenir?

Text by course leader Paola Cabrera Viancha

helsinkiläinen” – the exhibition, 16-22.5.2011 at TaiK lobby

13 Designers talking souvenir* and memento, May 16, at 4 at TaiK lobby

Kreeta Haapamäki, Atte Harjanne, Victoria Fislage, Kristian Henriksson, Samuel Johnson, Karin Paris, Eevi-Maija Lehtinen, Pekka Pohjonen, Mikko Porkola, Meric Taylan, Julie Thissen, Carolina Arévalo López.

DesignCollaboration, led by Paola Cabrera Viancha (MA, IDBM), helsinkilainen-taik@aalto.fi

Design and Culture Module, Prof. Pekka Korvenmaa, Department of Design.