What kind of people could be studying in Aaltonaut?

Aaltonaut development team interviewed Aalto students and applicants to find out their opinions about the Aaltonaut idea. Interviews gave the team many perspectives and new ideas of how to develop Aaltonaut concept and what kind of students could be studying in Aaltonaut. These student profiles were created based on those interviews to help the development team and to define what kind of people could be selected to Aaltonaut studies.

Tiina / Engineering student

Tiina is modest, optimistic and structured team player who likes to meet new people and to study with similar-minded students. She believes science can solve all our problems and likes to develop and present her ideas. She’s analytical, but maths and algorithms sound more boring than real-life company cases.

“I believe that engineering degree will give me a strong skillset regarding my future employment. I would like to apply theory to practice but have never truly considered myself research-oriented or a designer. I consider design and business skills as essential for an engineer, so this Aaltonaut -approach sounds like my thing.”

Elina / Business student

Elina is social and open-minded student who has international experience and good language skills. She wants to optimize resources, also on her own work so you could call her a result-oriented or competitive student. She wants to succeed in the many different projects she’s involved in. She wants to get a good and respectful job and believes that high income leads to high quality of life. She is ambitious and willing to use time and effort for her projects.

“Degree from School of Business is highly regarded and the work opportunities are broad and diverse. I don’t want to fix my future yet and that is why I also applied to School of Business.”

Timo / Design student

Timo is social, creative and has a high level of ambition. He’s intrested in visualisation, 3D-modelling as well as traditional drawing. He has handicraft skills so he’s intrested in materials, manufactoring methods and prototyping. He wants to become a professional who can make people’s lives better by designing better the products they use in their everyday lives. He likes to work with others but believes that everyone achieves their success only through hard work.

“This new kind of study method of Aaltonaut sounds really good. Internationality, internship and real corporate projects is what I am looking forward from my degree anyway. It is important to learn to work with people from other fields. I want to become a designer with a good understanding of business and engineering”