What happens in Yosemite

Hi blog readers (all few),

let me tell you this first – Yosemite National Park is absolutely beautiful. And I mean beautiful as in stolen-from-a-fairytale beautiful to a degree it’s hard to believe that such views actually exist.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s recap our journey to the American wilderness.

Our trip was three days, from Friday to Sunday: the first day and night night we stayed in Yosemite Valley, and the the two latte days we spent hiking a 16-mile route around the North Dome. The hike wasn’t that long but turned out to be physically quite demanding, since the elevation difference was a little over a kilometer (and we went both uphill and downhill). On the flip side, the views from atop the mountain were pretty spectacular. The climb also introduced certain sense achievement to the hike. Made me also appreciate flat land.

This was taken during the kilometer decent

A few things make hiking in Yosemite different than hiking in, say, Lapland. All food and stuff with strong scent must be stored in bear containers, and bear containers and hiking bags must be stored away from the actual campsite in the wilderness. Apparently the bears here are more curious and numerous compared to their Finnish cousins. We didn’t actually see any bears in the wilderness, but Mika and Essi saw one in the Valley. It might be for the better.

In order to head off to the wilderness trails you need a permit, something that supposedly protects the trails from too many people. The water in the creeks is not terribly unclean, but it was recommended that it should be purified in some manner. We carried most of our drinking water and used the water in the creeks for cooking. Worked out just fine.

Other than these few curiosities hiking is business as usual – you walk, admire the scenery, make food and camp in the nature. Extremely pleasant stuff, especially in such lovely setting. We met a few other travelers on the trail and they were all eager to share their recommendations and helpful tips with us, which was cool. Cool is not something that can be said about the weather there though, but it wasn’t terribly hot either. On a side note, I’m kind of looking forward to returning to Finland and not having to apply sunscreen all the time.

Long story short, the trip to Yosemite was awesome, some blisters and hurting calfs were received, but it was all good in the end (and my legs almost don’t hurt anymore!).

Other than that it’s business as usual – final programming project, final exam coming up, I’m going to Los Angeles to play in a floorball tournament with some Swedes and so on. Good times.

This is from our climb to the mountain.
Towards new adventures!