Wellbeing as a theme

Aalto University Magazine 02 is out. Its theme is wellbeing.

Wellbeing is an extensive concept, which in one way or another touches on all aspects of human life. At Aalto University, it is being studied from the perspectives of, for example, occupational wellbeing, economics and medical technology.

This issue’s main article examines wellbeing in a health care context. We asked three researchers to describe how they see the future of health care and how society will manage to care for the growing population of senior citizens twenty years from now.

Efforts have already been made to improve the standard of service in the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, where a research project into service design conducted together with Aalto University provided patients with an opportunity to participate in the planning of their own treatment. The results of the experiment, which enabled sarcoma patients to engage in their own treatment, were so encouraging that the hospital district is considering adopting this method for other patient categories as well.

Wellbeing does not, however, refer to just health or lack of health. Researcher brothers Timo and Paavo Järvensivu are aligned with the Degrowth movement, and they believe that wellbeing will increase if it is understood that consumption and economics-oriented thinking do not form the foundation of our wellbeing. Degrowth instead perceives ecological thinking and communality as forming the core of true wellbeing.