Welcome to Empirica!

Empirica Research Group just started its Aalto blog, we will be updating the news and initiating all kinds of discussions about research on art, design and culture here. Welcome!

About Empirica Research Group

The Empirica group approaches research with an attitude, where making, acting and engaging play important roles. The group’s goal is to develop exploratory methods, where art and design related practices are utilized in experimental ways as research practice. The group also conducts fundamental design research in design history, design professions and values, cross-cultural connections in design and design in societal discourses.

The group’s theoretical framework is in humanities. For the group the term culture refers on one hand to our situated everyday habits and environments and on the other hand to professional practices related to the field of art and design.

For mapping out the different creative processes, the group documents and reflects in diverse ways. Its main challenge is to gain deeper understanding of the creative practice: how the practice unfolds and what is the relation between the processes and the results? How does the creative activity within the field of art and design impact on and digest influences from the society.