Welcome to Aaltonaut event on industry collaboration in Bachelor’s studies

You can see the Aaltonaut Introductory presentation here (rewind to 0800 minutes to skip the wait).

! We have extended the possibility to sign up for the event by registration or mailing to saana.tikkanen (at) aalto.fi. Please do so latest on Monday 17th of December.

Should Bachelor programmes be worried about working life skills? How cooperation with industry and other organizations is changing or how should it change? What core skills will make the Aaltonaut students attractive from the employers perspective? Is Finnish language a must for finding internship? These and other relevant questions will be part of Aaltonaut and industry collaboration seminar. We welcome all parties who are interested in Bachelor’s degree reform in general, as well as the Aaltonaut study track in Aalto University.

16:00 Introduction to Aaltonaut study track by Kalevi Ekman
16:30 Panel discussion on industry collaboration in Bachelor’s studies,
chaired by AYY President of the Board Voitto Kangas. Participants:
– Former/current student representatives of Aalto:
Atte Harjanne (SCI), Lauri Hynynen (BIZ), Jukka Itälä (ARTS)
– Martti Raevaara, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Aalto University
– Hannu Seristö, Vice President of Knowledge Networks, Aalto University
– Aila Saloranta, Aalto Career Services
– Minna Jokinen, Teknologiateollisuus ry
– Pirre Hyötynen, TEK
17:30 Snacks and refreshment