Week 5

On monday of our fifth week of hard, semi-casual working our group decided to utilize the tremendous facilities which the Design Factory in Otaniemi has to offer – in terms of brainstorming, of course. After catching up with peoples doings during the past weekend around a nice cup of monday-coffee, it was time to do some serious brainstorming. The topic of the week was agriculture, food and nutrition. Within this field, what could we use cellulosic fibers for? Although at first the subject seemed a bit far-fetched (at least for some of us), the brainstorming session was quite fruitful and people had some very inspiring ideas!

The next day after our daily dose of coffee we continued with the same topic by wrapping it up: documenting all of our ideas in a jpeg. form and developing the most popular ideas a bit further. In the end of the day there appeared to be a lot of desire to continue doing something hands-on stuff, so we desided to start a scientific test upon one of our ideas: planting some flower seeds into nanocellulose, cool!!

On wednesday forenoon we made some individual research work due to our ideas by searching scientific and not-that-scientific articles from the internet and updating our fabulous blog. In the afternoon we shared our new knowledge about innovations within the field of agriculture with each other.

With two people of the group having their holidays, thursday was a casual one with a different approach to opening our minds via brainstorming. We decided to go to the center of Helsinki, which ended up being quite an inspiring place to work! After another day of brainstorming, the whole friday had to be about doing some serious background research and blog updates to catch up with our ideas.

In a nutshell, that was our fifth week!