Week 4: part 1

Hello all DMC-blog readers!

It is already the end of June, but again really inspirational week behind.

Monday 25.6.: We started the week with high motivation to finish the first theme. In the morning we did the last brainstorming session around the wellbeing theme. After that we needed further information on the current situation and future technologies of wellbeing theme.

Tuesday 26.6.: In the morning we needed to sit down and think what to do with all the results of brainstorming. As a next step we chose the best from those many great initial ideas to make a deeper study. We made the qualification on the base of how much the idea has potential regarding to cellulose and design. In the afternoon we had a meeting with Professor Jasmiine Julin-Aro. She shared us important knowledge about latest innovations in sports. We had a good brief on functional textiles, which is going to be a part of the upcoming theme.