Week 3

Monday 18.6.: We started this blog and wrote small presentations about ourselves. We searched for information about already existing applications of cellulosic materials. The most interesting ones are posted and will be posted to the blog trough the whole summer.

Visit the about page of the blog!

Tuesday 19.6.: Brainstorming the whole day. We came out with the themes we are about to concentrate each week (=categories in the blog). The theme of this week was chosen to be health, well-being and medicine. We also have several subthemes that help us to find multiple perspectives.

Wednesday 20.6.: Continued brainstorming and gathering information about the theme of the week. Agreed to meet people at VTT and UPM next week.

Thursday 21.6.: We met Professors Pirjo Kääriäinen and Tapani Vuorinen in Arabia. We told them what we have been doing so far, got feedback and ideas how to move forward.

In a meeting.