Week 2

Let the brainstorming begin!Brainstorming

Monday 11.6.2012: A presentation was made about how we want to work. We sat down and talked through possible approaches to different concepts, who we want to meet and where we could find additional information. Basically we decided to have workshops, brainstorming sessions and meetings for background information in June, make more concrete things in July and present final work in August.

Tuesday 12.6.2012: Juan Hinestroza @ Taik. Presentation about how everything is proceeding in Forest dept with Tapani, Jaakko, Pirjo and Tiina. The presentation was made with prezi, it can be found here.
The presentation was made on PreziThe presentation was made with Prezi

Wednesday 13.6.2012: Brainstorming session at Taik. Kaushik taught basics of brainstorming for the three engineers. In the afternoon we had lectures by Pirjo, Tiina Härkäsalmi and Heidi Paavilainen about textile fibers, nonwovens, supply&demand and future trends. In other words, there was a lot of interesting information for our project.

Thursday 14.6.2012: Everyone held super fantastic presentations about their fields of study. It was very enlightening to get a glimpse of the other students backgrounds. There was a lot of discussion about the different aspects of studies at both departments.

Friday 15.6.2012: Kaushiks presentation, a lot of discussion. FabLab opening party!
A videolink to MIT was established
Laser printer
A laser printer at FabLab