Week 1

The project was kicked off by a meeting with Prof.Pirjo Kaariainen, Prof.Tapani Vuorinen, Coordinator Jaakko Paloheimo, Researcher Tiina Härkäsalmi and us students. The session got us students and professors acquainted with one another while also projecting a brief idea of the direction of the project. The scope of the project was framed with the idea of conceptualizing future applications of nano celluloic fibres, thus calling it a ‘concept development project’.
The introduction was followed by a series of lectures and discussions with a number of professors including Juan Hinestroza from Cornell University and Mark Hughes, Olli Dahl and Herbert Sixta from Aalto University.
Prof. Juan Hinestroza conducted a three part lecture series on Manipulation of fibres at a nano scale touching up on topics including ‘Applications of Nano Fibres’ and ‘Producing Fibres from Non-fibrous Materials’.
Prof. Mark Hughes provided valuable insights on the occurrence and properties of ‘Natural Fibre Composites’.
Prof. Olli Dahl briefly described the properties of Micro-Crystalline Cellulose (MCC) and Nano-Crystalline Cellulose (NCC), while also projecting his visions for its future application in food.
Prof. Herbert Sixta quickly ran through processes for producing Nano Cellulose and Regenerated Cellulose Fibre.
The insightful lectures and discussions evoked a number of initial ideas amongst our team.

The later half of the week, students from both schools were introduced to the Aalto campus facilities in Arabia as well as Otaniemi. An initial work method was formulated based on individual expectations of both students and professors, marking a good start to the project.