SGT – Waste Busters Sustainability Survey @ the Design Factory

Compiled by Raja Mudassar.

The survey was conducted in design factory at two locations i.e. main lobby near the entrance and in the main kitchen of the building. In order to attract the public’s attention the waste bins from the main halls in the ground floor were removed and posters were hanged on the walls.

The number of participants was 36. The result of the survey is presented below.

1. What kind of system would you prefer instead?
a. One compact centralized bin in the room/floor
b. The old ones were fine, give them back
c. A collection of bins for different types of waste in every room

2. Do you know where the waste goes after you have put it into the small bins we removed?
a. No
b. It’s going to be burned as energy waste
c. It’s going to the landfill to cause CO2 emissions

3. Do you find it easy to find suitable bins at the design factory when you need them?
a. Most of the time
b. Sometimes
c. Finding one is always difficult

4. For which kind of waste it is the most difficult finding a suitable bins?
a. All- I don’t know which bin I should use in each case
b. Energy waste
c. Mixed waste
d. Other-what

Note: In this part for option (d) participants opinion included glass, metal, cardboard, plastics and composites, paper, energy, bio waste and also the chocolate bar wrappers.

5. In general, what kind of improvements should be made regarding waste management at the design factory?
In this question participants opinions are listed below

a. Produce chair out of waste, to show that what we throw out can be reused

b. Peoples awareness about proper waste management and the good sustainable behavior should be repeatedly increased by campaign information, posters, events and all possible means

c. More bins and bio waste bins to every big room not just lobby

d. Every room does not have different bins for different waste

e. Small bins are good because I don’t always want to walk and find centralized bins. Small bins are usually near enough.

f. Bring correct bins to spaces where specific waste is produced

g. The smaller rooms could have one extra bin for mixed waste in addition to paper bins

h. Bigger trash cans. In the same place always so that you remember where they are

i. Choosing bins is too difficult (cardboard mug Vs plastic mugs etc.). coffee table for large couch please

j. This kind of research is very welcome

k. It little unclear for some what exactly energy waste is, it sounds stupid but people understand it in very different ways. Maybe educate people about the types

l. Clear + organized waste management

m. Energy waste bins to the back yard

n. Bins should be marked very well

o. It should be clear where to find the bins and they should always stay in the same place

p. More bins for different types of waste. Germans have good model, especially in train stations. They sorts the waste all the bins

q. Enough bins with good labeling. Also story where the trash goes would encourage the people to recycle.

r. More paper and cardboard bins

s. More visible waste bins

t. Cardboard bins should be placed in the upper story of the design factory

u. Clearly marked, preferably standardized bins at suitable locations

v. More separated bin stations

w. More bins in fixed places

x. More info

y. Centralized bins per area. Find out sweet spots by researching people activity and dynamics. Simple paper or trash bins in every room. Implement fast and label clearly