Verganti, R. (2011) Designing Breakthrough Products: How companies can systematically create innovations that customers don’t even know they want

While contributing to hot and popular discussion on innovation management Verganti also touches user-centred design. The HBR article is filled with examples and statements that every usability and user experience professional is familiar with (e.g. “meaning first, technology second” and “look at the whole user experience”). However, Verganti’s solution to a problem of understanding the meanings of technology, creating a good user experience, etc. is strategically different from how the problems have traditionally been solved in user-centred design. Verganti does not suggest on going to the users and finding the needs, but going to experts and finding interpretations of the situations. Even more, Verganti advices finding experts that look at the problem/situation from a different perspective than the company traditionally has been. Verganti’s article gives an interesting perspective on how and what kind of ‘user-centred’ activities companies should do in very early stages of new product/service innovation.

Verganti, R. (2011). DESIGNING BREAKTHROUGH PRODUCTS. Harvard Business Review89(10), 114-120.