Vacation’s over

Yep. Vacation’s over. This week’s Monday was the first day of my German language intensive-course, which means intensive class-teaching from 9-16 from Monday to Saturday.

The group we were assigned to was decided on our language grade. I had done a language skills test with my German teacher in Finland, and he had given me (at that time) a “Good level A2 German”, which in our standards meant, that I could speak the language nicely, but not without making mistakes. So, I thought I’d be right at home in the A2.2 intensive language course here. Sadly though, this was not the case. I don’t want to start emphasizing the fact that _perhaps_ the “EU-Standardized language levels” are not, in fact, the same in every country. But let’s leave it at the fact, that the rest of the group was not up to my level.

Luckily I impressed the teacher with my mad skillz in German, and she granted me the option to ask another group if I could join in. So, as quickly as falling into despair of having spent 200 euros on a course where I could learn to say “Dogs are nice and the sky is blue”, I got myself in a suitable group. Of course there’s always the other side of the coin: I had to say good-buy (or I should have said..) to my newly acquired friends in the A2-course. Then again, I now received a whole new set of B-level friends, with whom I could speak German! (and they could speak it back to me!)

With the nearing beginning of the semester, there are also lots of new people moving in to our house. Since I had gotten used to the summer-time occupation in our house, there are now perhaps three times more people than before in my corridor. I therefore have, three times more cool neighbors asking me to join their cool parties and stuff 🙂 For example, yesterday I was supposed to have a stay-in-room-infront-of-computer -evening and write a new post.. In stead, I found myself playing a cool card game (warewolf) in our kitchen!

But but. I did promise to tell you about the independence day we had here in Munich on Wednesday.

Wednesday was the Tag der Deutsches Einheit (TdDE), which loosely translated means “Day of the uniting of Germany”. As those of you who have been acquainted to the history of Germany (they were somewhat involved in the second world war, and after that stuff happened. I’m not going to go through it all here..), there was a long period of time where Germany was divided in half. TdDE mainly celebrates the ending of this period and the re-unitement of Germany. Every year, a big ‘main event’ is held during the TdDE. Since apparently something bad enough happened in Munich during WW2, having the main event at Munich was previously restricted. This year however, Munich got the event!

One of my landmarks in the city, by which I navigate onwards with my mighty Hercules (see earlier post), is Ludwigsstrasse, which is very long and straight as an arrow. The whole of ludwigs-strasse, and a for example the neighboring park, was filled with stands from all of the German states.

We (me and my roommates and some of their friends) went to check out the situation (for the first time) during the afternoon. Since there was also lots-and-lots-and-lots-and-lots of people, we didn’t feel like elbowing our way through the crowds, but instead went for a nice frozen yoghurt in englischer garten. We came to the site again in the evening, since there was supposed to be a cool laser show. The INTIRE Ludwigstrasse was packed with people. There was a band playing, and a nice multimedia show projected onto each building all along Ludwigstrasse! After the laser-show we went towards the music and started dancing (or something comparable to that..) next to the stand of Mercedes Benz (not a state, but still had a stand there..), where the music was coming from. Initially, our dancing circle consisted of only us 8-10 people. By the time we left the number of dancers had somewhat exploded completely, to around 200.. I took some pictures after tiring myself from spending all of my dance moves, you can find them in the end of this post and of course on the photo site.

After the street dancing we walked to a cocktail bar near our house and took a nice group photo 🙂

Yup yup. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

All of the photos, including the ones above, are available here:

A video I shot (and have not edited in any way whatsoever..) can be found at: