Usable Security Workshop 2012

There is an interesting workshop taking place March 2, 2012 in the area of Usable security. In fact, it is titled “Usable Security”, USEC’12 for short.

The workshop on Usable Security presents recent work on all aspects of human factors and usability in the context of security. USEC’12 brings together researchers already engaged in this interdisciplinary effort with other researchers in areas such as economics, intelligent interactions, artificial intelligence, theoretical computer science, and modeling. The workshop attendees include AI, HCI, security, psychologists, risk analysts, computer scientists, security specialists, business school faculty, and industry experts.

I will be reporting from the spot on March 2 on each presentation to this blog. The workshop papers are already available for downloading at

UPDATE: As if there was time during the actual workshop to do the reporting – instead, I was immersed in listening to and partaking in discussions of the presentations! And then, afterwards, there was zero network connectivity at my hotel at Bonaire. So it’s Murphy’s law all over again. I have now returned to Finland and will be adding the report on each paper here as separate posts.