Turnbull et al. (1996) Interaction, relationships and networks in business markets: an evolving perspective, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 11 (3), pp.44-62

This paper takes an management view on the buyer-seller relationship, whereas my own research takes the communication web perspective. It looks at the evolution of the buyer-seller relationship research. I found some links to my research:

The development of relationship strategy starts from interdependence of companies. Interdependence is based on the need to use the knowledge and abilities of others (in practice products or services). My research focuses on getting knowedge from supplier in form of comments to design or aid in production problem handling. The paper states that “a company may also need to acquire some of the knowledge of other companies for itself, or wish to develop its own knowledge through interaction with the other company”.

Overtime research has shown measures of the resources involved in the buyer-seller relatioship

  • number of people involved
  • diversity of functions
  • hierarchical levels of the people who interacted
  • purchasers ability to manipulate interactions and mobilize of technical know-how