Touring around the city

There was no official program planned for tuesday, which gave us an excellent chance to see the local sights and relax. Day began relatively lazily, as there was no rush. After breakfast some of us decided to go to the nearby beach to enjoy the lovely weather (+23 celsius and sunny, apparently approximately the same as in Finland), while some chose to get fit for the beach season 2013 between the lanes of the beach boulevard.

In the afternoon we took a guided tour around the city. The tour took us first to Cristo Redentor. A great view over the whole city and tourist taking pictures of themselves imitating the statue. The city looked notably different from above, and it was evident that Rio is definitely a city of contrasts.

The tour continued to Santa Teresa, which is a local equivalent of Kallio with its mazy and narrow streets. The inhabitants are according to the tour guide mostly artists, students and other boheme people. Apparently during the carneval this part of Rio is on of the hotspots and places to be. Also there is the famous set of stairs in Santa Teresa, Escadaria Selaron, by Jorge Selaron. The stairs are covered with mosaic tiles from all over the world, including a tile from Finland saying “Tervetuloa”. After this we went to check the parade gouds where tha carneval parade takes place. Nothing spectacular there as it is the wrong time of year.

The final step of the tour was to go to the Sugarloaf Mountain to see the sunset. The cable car ride up was interesting. The view over the bay was spectacular, but we couldn’t see the sunset due to clouds. Maybe next time? Anyway, the experience is near impossible to be described in words, to truly understand it you must experience it yourself.

More pictures can be found here:

The crew sightseeing, at the statue Cristo Redentor.