Topic presentation 3: ”Better privacy management”

This topic is closely related to Topic 2 on the problems of privacy management being too difficult. In topic 2 the idea is to analyse the reasons behind this on basis of related work and your own analysis. However with this topic the idea is more to do “hands on” work: to redesign the privacy management for an online service you know well.

If you choose this topic, you should start by first presenting the service and issues related to its current privacy management, then proceed with the redesign in order to make it more usable and, at the same time, make privacy management less hard. In how you go about this you should keep in mind some of the basics of usable security presented in lectures 1 and 2 (see Noppa). You can also make use of some current work in this area (see topic presentation 2). However, there are no limits to the amount of imagination you use nor on how much you end up deviating from current solutions. Just keep in mind what are the issues for which privacy management by user is needed, as it serves many purposes including self-presentation, information sharing and liability issues, just to name a few.