Top 3 seat patterns of the London Underground

Ever been to London? Then you might have sat on the luxurious velvety seats of the local underground trains. Here are the top 3 patterns found on these seats:

3. Red squares pattern

One of the main function of patterns on public transport is to minimize the impact of various types of dirt and spillage of drinks, which this one no doubt does. But the red squares pattern has the added bonus of hypnotizing you to think you’re riding a limo if you stare at it long enough. I dare you to try.

2. Symmetrical pattern

Very 90s colour scheme in this one, which means fashionable “hipster” commuters will try to choose this over other types of seating. If they are forced to ride a train not featuring this particular type of pattern they will stand all the way in protest.

1. Funky pattern of the future

Look, it’s rainbow squares set on a background pattern of blue giraffe skin. A personal favourite which clearly also ticks the functionality box as you could probably vomit on this one without anyone noticing. Overall winner of this review.

Congratulations, funky pattern of the future!