Top 3 moments for 2

In them olden day you were expected to sit down if you wanted to have something to drink or a bite to eat. But that was a long time ago  – things have since changed. Here’s the top 3 “moments for two” for the urban snacker:

3. A moment for two, Ullanlinna

Mmm, nothing like a hot cup of joe on a cold day. But is it wrong somehow to assume the cup on the left is “hers” and the one on the right “his”?

2. A moment for two, Hakaniemi

Mmm, nothing like a drink of really sweet toffee liquor and milk on a cold day, right? Or any alcoholic drink, anywhere, any day. Let’s not be too picky.

1. A moment for two, Rautatietori

You know, sometimes it’s just nice to get some McDonalds take-away and enjoy at a place where you know there will be a lot of buses stopping at regular intervals.

Because nothing feels as urban as diesel fumes.