To the ethics of 20th century and beyond

Juha Varto, Song of the Earth
ISBN: 978-952-60-4120-9
Black and white, 152 pages, soft cover, 12,5 cm width, 18,5 cm height, 2011
18.00 €
The world has seen a huge eclipse of the human heart: we have the knowledge, we have the technology, and we have created a shallow and loveless life.
Yes, our material well-being has been enhanced. We have been freed from magic and we are more ready to guide our own lives. But something seems missing: perhaps the significance or the meaning of life – something that would include a promise of a brighter future. Ethical thinking has shrunk to a topic for weekly magazines, sitcoms, and clerical opinions.
But this eclipse of the heart can be defeated!
The author of the book you hold in your hands provides a target, a future, and an ethically well-proportioned life. He makes you think and believe in your thinking. All you need is courage, devotion, and love – all quite worldly and true to life.