Wellbeing in the Age of Wicked Problems

The Department of Design’s introduction course for the new MA students focuses this year on the theme of wellbeing, the complex challenges and opportunities that design faces today and tomorrow. Design is now more thought as a strategic and public activity, where in the projects we recognise the needs of the other client, the humankind. The course will address new knowledge on human behaviour, systems thinking, material lifestyles, happiness and the future.

This intensive workshop is also the introduction to the 365 Wellbeing-project, which is part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 program.

The course is offering a set of open lectures and events, which can also seen afterwards online.  http://mediafactory.aalto.fi/wellbeing


24.8. 13:15 Keynote: Design for things that matter – John Thackara

25.8. 10:00 There is no spoon – The age of wicked problems – Roope Mokka and Aleksi Neuvonen (Demos Helsinki)

29.8. 13:00 Happy campers: Designing wellbeing –Tommi Laitio (Demos Helsinki)

31.8. 09:30 What really matters:  Natural resources and human lifestyles –Tuuli Kaskinen (Demos Helsinki)

2.9. 13:00 Final Presentations

PLACE: Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Media Centre Lume, Sampo Hall,  Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki