SGT – The WasteBusters Workshop Experience!

By Oludayo Oguntoyinbo

Before the workshops on 14 and 21 February, 2011, expectations were so high. I personally felt we have had such a great time of preparation to have a befitting presentation. The day started with the TAIPEI Basin group and my! It was a nice experience listening to those guys and their styles.

The waste busters were the next in line to present the Waste Management philosophy. We had all set before the presentation. A team of Kiira, Saad, Raja and my humble self made the first impression with a landfill video. We created an impression of what and where the wastes people use eventually get to in the end point (land-fills).

The workshop also involved the testing of the participants knowledge of waste sorting. Although the gathering has people of high skills, students and some coordinators alike, it still did not leave out the fact of what happens in the larger society when it comes wastes. They perform excellently well but I was not surprise though, when some groups had some familiar problems trying to sort out some of the wastes.

The behavioural response of waste bin users and ability to sort out the types of waste and where to put those wastes are well known major factors that were identified during the workshop.

With three groups making their presentations, it was a thorough experience to get feedbacks and comments from participants. One thing I learnt certainly was the idea of paying attention to some details and time management. Coherence of thoughts and team coordination are additional recipes to spice the feedback up.

Overall, I believe the second time would be better than the first; as my team was fully motivated to have a better and improved participatory workshop in the future.

I say many cheers to my partners in the group (The Waste Busters) and our Mentors (Andy and Mari) and Dr Paula for her prior educative teachings.