The Wall Street Journal presents Product Sound Design Cases (and a pointer)

Illustrations by Serge Bloch for The Wall Street Journal (linked). Click the illustration for the original article and video by WSJ's Ellen Byron.

A nice sensitiser to the importance of the product sound design. The selected examples provide a wide range of products where the sound design is intentional and non-accidental. Thanks to Dr. Henri Penttinen for pointing out.

During the presentation, I note how the reporter strives to find the sound (or multi-sensory product) descriptors.

Here is a brand-new article that considers semantics of such descriptors and suggests a hierarchical structure in the meaningful associations of product sounds. Relevance to Design Practice is stated as “Product sound design (PSD) is an emerging topic within the field of product development. New insights into the PSD related theory are needed to support this emerging field”:

Citation: Özcan, E., & van Egmond, R. (2012). Basic semantics of product sounds. International Journal of Design, 6(2), 41-54.