The Two Lines

Russia has a great and long history of design. The world famous designers like Rodchenko, Tatlin, Kandinsky, Chernikhov created their works there.

The distinctive  style was developing  for  more than 70 years. The functionality, usability, low prices,  and mass production were the top priorities for the needs of the Soviet Union.
The situation changed dramatically just 20 years ago. Major structural shifts in the economic system were followed by ones in the people`s needs. The designers were forced to find a new way of creating their products under unusual conditions of market economy. Starting from that very moment the Russian professional design community was split into two parts: some designers accepted thenew realities while the others continued maintaining  the traditions of the `old school`.
The costly luxury products were particularly common in 00s.  Furniture richly decorated with gold plates and expensive cars painted in Russian style are just a couple of typical examples to name.

Denis Simachyov can be mentioned  as the most prominent representative of this trend. He transformed the bad taste in high demand product.
I am glad to say goodbye to the outdated principle `expensive means the best`. We can see really good design, which is, moreover, understandable and affordable. The second line of the modern Russian design combines the intentions to join the western mainstream  and the efforts to retain traditional features of national culture. The new round of industrial development has demanded the mass production and, therefore, created the opportunity for Russian professionals to find their place in the domestic market of designer products.
To date, having succeeded in the West, the Russian designers continue their work in Russia.

Vladimir Pirozhkov is probably the most well-known, he previously worked for automotive corporations Citroȅn and Toyota. Vladimir now promotes the idea of innovative design. Nevertheless, I am personally interested in designer products originally being developed  by professionals with a growing reputation in the Russian market.