The new renaissance

Phew. Working with an American publisher certainly requires patience. Especially when the starting point is that a big American publishing house knows better than the writer how and what to write.

This is what happened to Rolf Jensen and myself. We had signed a deal with the publishing house McGraw-Hill. We sent our manuscript to them and in return received back 11 pages worth of notes, all of which detailed how our book would be better. The deadline for corrections was last Friday – which we met.

What choice did we have?

Breaking in through to the American market requires resources, much more than what we have. We would have to travel back and forth through the continent for a long time before we could even hope to have the same resources, that we would hope to have with a publisher as big as this.

Our starting point is directly from our conclusions. The materialistic dream of the west has been fulfilled and no longer motivates man. The west is caught between dreams. It itself is seeking a new one.

The renaissance happened when people gave up the strict religious ways of viewing the world. They began to see colors and motifs, they captured the world in bold new themes and subjects and saw opportunities there, what used to only be shades of grey.

Just as it is now, we believe that we will be set free from the strict industrial way of thinking, the up to down mentality and the need for control, that we will release so much more energy from when we let go and allow people to organize themselves starting from the bottom and heading up, surrounding the local problems and potentials with themselves.

This is what we believe the new renaissance to be about.