The Great Battle of Anime Songs

Juha “Anime Rogue” vs. Mikko “Anime Besserwisser”

Song Battle of Anime Songs… eh (>_<)

J: Here it Begins…

[update 10th January]
Berserk – Forces

J: “Oh unfading voices, revive now to your full strength!”


M: Allright, here goes!

[update 13th January]
Eureka Seven opening 4


J:(-_-)zzz “Is it over?”

J: You are going down my friend… eh (^_-)-☆… Up… big time.

[update 16th January]
The Sky Crawlers – Main Theme (Opening)


M: Whoaa, below the waist, ehh???;D

M: Holy mother of all epicness, this can’t be beaten!

[update 20th January]

Uchuu Senkan Yamato Opening


J: Incredible Amazing Awesome ((+_+))… but let me quote one of the greatest philosopher of anime history. ●~*

“Of course it’s your decision to face him or not and I won’t blame you if you don’t. After all we both know what happens if you challenge the power of the fist and fail. You either bleed to death, become a mindless vegetable or worse.” –Jagi

[update 20, January]

Hokuto no Ken, a.k.a Fist of the North Star (I Kill the Fight)

J: It taaaaaakeeeee soooooo long time to besserwisser to choose song, so in the meanwhile watch some commercial


M: Ha! Dont’ worry, this will beat BOTH your videos with one stroke, even the better one of the two (the commercial;) My Death Note book was missing, but now found it – and the name “Juha ‘Anime Rogue'” is written on it… and thus this battle will be FINISHED! ;DD

[update 13th February]

Death Note Opening 2


J: Hah…when you learn that rogues never die.
“Just … a dream … BANG!”.

[updated 14th February]

Cowboy Bebop – Call me Call me


J: I think “Besserwisser” give up. So “Rogue” won.

[update 6th August]
Ninja Scroll – Jubei’s Theme

“Mujuro: If you want to kill me, you mustn’t make any sound at all.”
“Jubei: The only sound you’ll hear, is the sound of your own voice screaming.”