The day I became a true Münchener

I’ve been toying with photographs for the past couple of hours, so this isn’t going to be a marathon-post.

Today, since my landlord (Mrs. Fröhlich) had come back from vacation only now, I signed my rental contract. When Mrs. Frölich was going through the sections of the contract, I learned that I have to sign in to the citizens bureau of Munich (or something like that, Bürgerbüro in German :)) no more than 2 weeks from the day of arrival. This was a good thing to hear now, since I’d already been staying here for one week.

The bureau was pretty bureaucratic, and we had to wait in a certain waiting room decided by your last name. Of course the info-lady heard my last name incorrectly, and I had to do some waiting-room hopping. After I was interviewed for my basic information, the office clerk happily announced that “Jetzt bist du ein Münchener” (=Now you are a Municher (=resident of Munich))!

So, since I now had been officially baptised into Munichisity, I could proceed with my Lederhosen -shopping plans. My friend, who had also spent an exchange semester in Munich, had recommended a good shop to buy Lederhosens and other traditional Bayern (state of Germany where Munich is located) clothing. I went to she store, that was conveniently on the opposite side of the citizen bureau, and announced my leather pants -needs.

My friend hadn’t recommended me the place for no reason. They store was packed with different kinds of traditional German outfits and clothing. They were also quite modest about it, with no name whatsoever on the facade. Combined with the fact that it was far from the central railway station, or the ‘center’ of Munich (Mitte in German), the shop was definitely not selling crap for tourists. They helped me out with great service talent, and fitted me out with the hole shabang: pants, socks, shoes and a shirt. All for a group price for 179 euros, which is pretty good considering that pants alone can cost 150-200 euros.

Here’s a quote from when I was fitting the pants, when the 35-45 year old saleswoman was helping me out

“I think these pants fit me fine”

“No they don’t, they’re not tight enough!”

“Oh, I thought they were OK”

“No they are not, we women also need something to look at!”

In the end, I’m very happy with everything 🙂 I got good quality stuff without parting with my limbs.

I of course took a picture for you:

I’ve also now got the photosite running, which Enni’s folks are letting me use. You can find all the photos at:

Tommorrow Petri comes here to visit me 🙂

Bis später!