The coming of Hercules

Today was the third (or fourth?) day, when I spent at least 100 euros to buy various necessities. I do hope my spending will slow down, otherwise I’ll run out of money (my financials are still OK, no need to worry..). Some of my newly acquired possessions include: a new helmet (50 euros), a (SUPER-MEGA-ULTRA-AWESOME) bicycle (called HERCULES)(60 euros), climbing shorts (50 euros) and a bunch of shirts and stuff to keep me from running out of clean clothes. I do however notice, that at some point I will have to start washing my clothes :/

I had arranged a test drive of a bicycle with Bert, who had placed an advertisement in a netshop for used bikes. Our meeting was at 10 a.m. Since I had plenty of time (we Finns are always so punctual), I changed the bus leg of the trip to a nice morning walk through east-park (Ostpark) to Bert’s house. Even though it was kind of cold, the park was astonishing. I wonder why we don’t have these nice parks in Finland.. maby because of the snow etc.

Bert lived in a nice detached house neighborhood, and his garage was full of bikes. My best guess is that repairing and selling bicycles is a hobby of his, since the other bicycles were “not yet ready to be sold”. Anyhow Bert had fixed up this old Hercules all the way. Where make-shift repairs (including all the electronics of the dynamo-powered front- and back lights) weren’t sufficient, Bert had bought new parts to complete the Hercules. The antique bike has three gears, of which I’ve been able to use two.

On my way home I stopped for a coffee at Viktualienmarkt (see picture below). The city was and is still, pretty astonishing.

Today was by the way the first day that I ate all my meals at home. I realized some time yesterday that I’m not on a vacation trip so eating out all the time might not be a good idea..

In the evening I had agreed with Johnny from the fourth floor to go climbing at the Heavens Gate climbing hall. Sadly though, Johnny had done something to his leg (he had the bruise to prove it), and he couldn’t come.. Nevertheless, I had decided that I would go, so I headed for Ostbahnhof with hopes to find a non-equally paired climbing group of which I could climb with someone. I’m going to keep this short: after 40 min bicycling, I had some trouble finding the climbing hall. I spotted some climbing walls through a window, so I made the conclusion I was in the right place (how many climbing halls can there be in a 1.5 km x 1.5 km area? Apparently at least two. This was a bouldering hall (=climbing with no ropes near to the ground). But, since I was allone (and tired) it would do. All excited about climbing (because climbing is fun!), I did a maby-too-hard move and hurt my finger. It’s probably going to be ok, but I didn’t want to risk it so I quit only about an hour in.

Anyhow, in the climbing hall and tired of everything, I noticed I had forgotten my water bottle (it happens actually quite often..). Luckily, you could buy beer at the climbing hall! People were enjoying their beers pretty much in the middle of the walls 😛

I bicycled home, another 40 minutes in the dark city and amongst the cars. Now I’m writing this blog and going to eat a frozen pizza. The oven on our floor is broken, so I’m borrowing the oven on the second.

EDIT: our oven is not broken. I just didn’t turn on the electricity-timer for the kitchen appliances..