The Audio Does Not Work And I Am Bored

Session #2 of Learning Creative Learning -course happened last Tuesday. The experience was far different from session #1.

First, the web stream did not work as well as during the first session. Especially the quality of the audio was really poor.

Second, the lecture wasn’t that exciting. It didn’t really give too many new thoughts. Also watching static people – or “talking heads” – via a live stream, especially after a long day at the office, isn’t the best way to keep me focused.

But: I still listened to the lecture, and I sure didn’t whine at Google+ about the poor quality of the stream or the boredomness of the lecture.

Many did.

To me, it seems that too many people expect far too much from the course. Many don’t realize that 1) organizing a MOOC is a new thing also to MIT’s media lab. There are, there will be and there even should be glitches, problems and difficulties. It’s a learning process for the MIT, too. And 2) when it comes to academics, it’s more about contents than bells and whistles.

There is, however, a one good point in people’s criticism:

the problem of the academic world in general is that the scientific achievements are often presented very poorly. To improve learning, and to improve the significance of the adacemic research in the society, I think it’s essential for the acedemics to learn to present their research in a media-sexy way.

If the course starts to bore people, many will drop out. Does this matter to MIT? Guess it should.

Exception: people who comment “HAHAHA THE LADY IS FUGLY hey look a KITTEN VIDEO”. Making them to drop out by boring them to death = epic communications strategy.