The 2nd Design and Memory Seminar

Opening Keynote Speech: Prof. Pekka Korvenmaa – Linear, Cyclical or Random?

Petra Ahde-Deal (Doctoral Candidate): Women and Jewellery – Social Approach to Wearing and Possessing Jewellery

Elise Kovanen (Doctoral Candidate) – The role of an artist in the Arabia Factory

Ossi Kallioinen (Doctoral Candidate):  One or six senses – nomadic attitude in a field of research

Mikko Ijäs (Doctoral Candidate) – Memory, Art and Design

Haian Xue/薛海安 (Doctoral Candidate): The framework of design-evoked nostalgic experience

Design and Culture – MA students’ presentation

Shengjun Shi and Tatu Vienamo – MEMO Project

Closing Keynote: Prof. Martin Woolley – Where are we? -Mapping the field of design and memory

Seminar Hostess: Dr. Svetlana Usenyuk