Testing with external services… images and video works… no coding or object embedding allowed.

Just testing how well external services can be use to import videos, slides and images to this blog to strech the 10MB quota limit. As it seem adding photos from external services like Flickr works fine. Adding videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Google Video also works fine. Object embedding, Iframe or Javascript or any coding on the other hand doesn’t work at all.


Adding photo from Flick (Medium 500):

Adding photo from Flickr

Adding video from Youtube
– Video adding doesn’t work with Iframe or with object embedding.
– Direct link embedding (e.g. “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXuhgJwZHrI”) works fine

Adding slides from SlideShare:
– Slides adding doesn’t work Slideshares WordPress adding or Iframe:
– Slides can be added somehow with using Slideshare Jpg embedding and linking.
Testing slideshare image

Javascript embedding
– Don’t work