Virpi´s blog at Aalto University

Welcome to my professional blog at Aalto University.
My name is Virpi Serita. I teach Japanese language at our university.
Later in this blog I will also introduce some other Japan related activities
we are involded at Aalto concerning Finnish-Japanese business practices.

My background of Japanese studies dates back to the 1980`s
when  lived and studied in Japan at ICU (International Christian University).
I mainly studied the Japanese language but also did my Masters degree
on linguistics during those years. I find Japanese very fascinating but also a challenging
language and try keep up the talent to speak and read and write natural
Japanese and follow the change of atmosphere in Japan. I am happy if I have a change
to cooperate with the Japanese language teachers all over the world and
when I have a chance to meet my friends during my visits to Japan.

 Mail to virpi.serita (at)