Test running the workshops

Yesterday was the first day to test run the workshops together with the company people. We discussed about the history and present situation of the three companies. It was very nice to see how Peruvian people are very open and cheerful. The idea is that all of three workshops are in some how linked together. So after yesterday they know the history and the vision of future of their own company and the next workshops will give ideas how to grow and create new business.

We were discussing about financial, HR, machinery and intangential properties of each company in small groups.

Today we had the second day with the companies. The topics were identity and branding. In every group is a member from CITEmadera, IDBM team and the manager from the company.

Product, customer service, marketing, slogan, logo, reputation, protecting the brand…

Sun and Gilda have become good friends although Gilda does not speak that much English.

In the evening we will go to check some local exhibition and hopefully we will take interesting pictures.