Take shelter

As much fun design can be, and as comfortable it can make our lives, ultimately the greatest potential it and those who design it possess is the power to help others.

Case in point: The Liina design by Aalto students.

It has been estimated that the amount of refugees world-wide will exceed one billion by the year 2050. A portable refugee shelter Liina by Aalto students endures hurricanes and earthquakes. It is a perfect example of design saving lives.

Video presentation here.

Effective, potentially life saving design. Everything that future-shaping ideas should be. The same way that the crates in Finland can help ease the harming effects of student housing, Liina provides us with a potential solution – if at the moment a short term one – for a much more global, more immediate problem.

As the battle for human rights over corporations still shows no signs of ever being over, it is vital that student organizations and schools step up to the plate with independent financiers to make the change they want to see. Liina could (and by all means, should) be the first step into starting a movement in housing the poor and the refugees worldwide. We have the space. Materials are cheap and ideas – as shown above – are limitless and, most of all, priceless.