Finnish parliament workshop suggested to integrate 266 municipalities (FIN: kunta; compare; State) into 70.

News in Helsinki Time’s

This means in the capital city area that Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa, Kauniainen and Sipoo will integrate into one big city. What this means for University scene? In capital city area, we have two big Universities, Helsinki University and Aalto University. Also there are Universities of Applied Sciences, Theater Academy, Sibelius Academy etc. Hey, lets integrate Aalto and Helsinki University! Lets integrate all the rest too, then we’d have two giants, Top Universities of Helsinki Integrated (TUOHI) and  Helsinki Applied University (HAU).  Then we could outsource all the bachelor level studies in HAU and then continue Master’s studies in TUOHI. Wow!

Ok, enough sarcasm. But I think that this change is going to make difference also in University scene, just can’t image yet how.